I’ve had this mattress for about 4 years now so I feel I have sufficient data to provide a fair review. First, I’ll say that I’m a 100lb, 37 year old, rather bony woman, so others with different body types may have different experiences. Positives: The mattress has worn well over the past 4 years insofar as there are no noticeable dips or depressions. That said, I’m 100lbs and sleeping in a Cal King. Second, the mattress was relatively expensive. I believe I paid about $750 for a Cal King. pretty darn cheap. Now the negatives. I wake up almost every day with pain in my neck, shoulders, and/or lower back. I think (1) this mattress is not supportive enough to keep my hips from sinking in and avoiding spinal misalignment and (2) rather paradoxically, it also does not have enough cushioning to keep painful hot spots from forming. Especially when I’m laying on my side. Finally, I am a rather hot sleeper and I find myself waking up drenched in sweat when it starts getting warmer (over 78 F). I think for my next mattress I will try and pillow top innerspring as I think that might provide more support and more cushioning, and also not have that “dead” feeling when moving around in it.

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Poor Back Support

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Very Poor Pressure Relief

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Poor "Coolness"


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Slightly too hard