Good mattress that sleeps hot...for us.

We are trying out a Bear Mattress right now. My wife and I have been sleeping on it for about 90 days now. We like the way it feels when we are on our backs. It's easy to move around on and the motion transfer is good. We do find the mattress sleeps hot for us. I've woken up sweaty on more than few nights. And we keep the house around 72 degrees at night. Side note: I called Bear Mattress to return it a couple of weeks ago and Scott offered to send us out a Bear Mattress cover for free to see it helped with the cooling of the mattress. My wife seems to feel like it sleeps cooler. But I'm still hot on occasion. Also, we sleep on our sides mostly and we don't feel like there is enough pressure relief in our shoulders. I'm 5'10 250lbs and shes 5'7 140lbs. Hope this helps someone.

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Back Support

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Excellent Back Support

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Fair Pressure Relief

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Slightly worse Sleep
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Poor "Coolness"


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Fair Value
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Excellent Warranty Service

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Slightly too hard