1st 2 months like sleeping on top an ice skating rink

This was our 2nd Tempurpedic, first was Cloud Supreme, which after 2.5 yrs developed craters, and hump in the middle. TempurP did the right thing, replaced it, we chose Flex Supreme Breeze which was mistake, didn't realize the cover didn't zip off like the others I just liked that feature..but we got it last March 2018, and to me it was COLD and much harder feel than showroom tester. In 4 mos or so it did get softer, very comfy although still in winter too cold for me...but after 10 mos softened up a bit too much. My back sometimes is stiff & I don't have back problems, my husband does always did & this bed isn't helping...prob should have gotten the Countour I guess. More disturbing, was we live on water-the top white cover, developed a light big greyish stain-think a chemical reaction, as to make the bed not so cold and keep it nice I put a protective mattress cover over it. I don't like "wrinkling" under my sheet, removed it, saw the big greyish brown stain at bottom (we didn't have a dog no kids, not peep) I tried to clean it, baking soda Hydrogen Peroxide as other models suggest, it made it yellowish orangey. Also noticed slight 3/4" dip in middle of mattress, husbands side. I took photos as this happened at 11 months, wrote to the Ceo and "TJ" as they were accomodating last year, this time TJ said to send him pics of the stain, as I asked how to remove it. He said he'd send it to his R&D dept and advise. He didnt reply, only said they are not replacing it, & as "valued customers" we should visit a showroom to test a few beds. I thought I misunderstood asked if they would pay for a new bed..he said NO-so as a valued customer I can pay for a new one myself, even though it did not hold up for even 11 months! So now TJ & the Ceo blow me off alltogether,..and the reason TJ asked me to send him photos was to invalidate any chance of warranty, even though it is not a body fluid stain...it is a chemical reaction as to their secret chemical imo in the top cover! Shouldn't happen on a $4000 + bed!

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    User also said: comfy, if you like soft mattress, &cold if you like a cool mattress although in time coolness less
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    User also said: Top cover doesnt zip off it stains easy impossible to clean & if you do it stops cooling, sags
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