Worse bed I've ever had

We purchased two extra long twins because my husband wanted the head and feet that can be raised and the massage feature; the two beds, including frames and various covers, cost nearly $10,000. The first mattresses we had were extremely hard, and after nearly a year I asked the retailer if I could change mattresses on my side (my husband insisted his was comfortable). The store did work with me and allowed me to eventually trade my mattress for the softest one made by the company. I have now slept on that mattress for another year, and it is still the worst mattress I have ever slept on. It is extremely hard and I find it difficult to get into a comfortable position. I have scoliosis and am a side-sleeper. I wake up every day with my back out of alignment and my shoulders and neck aching. My husband now has "frozen shoulder" which he didn't have before we had the bed, so I am inclined to believe he also is suffering from the firmness of the bed. We had a similar memory foam bed in our home in France and it was very comfortable. This bed feels like it grabs you and locks you in one position when you move instead of conforming to the position you get into. I would never recommend this bed to anyone. I have spoken to several other people who also brought it and they are also very unhappy with the bed. My next step may be selling it on Craig's List.

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Poor Back Support

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Poor Pressure Relief

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Much worse Sleep

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Fair "Coolness"


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