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At first I thought the medium Hybrid was wonderful during the first 2 weeks, then 2 months later I started having back pains which just got worse. When I turned fast on the bed I felt like I could feel the coils below since the mattress appeared thin to me. Supposed to be 11 in mattress, I measured 10. I used a purple mattress pad and purple sheets with my tempur pedic and slept very cool. I'm a hot sleeper. Then I changed out the mattress pad and sheets with a tempur pedic brand mattress pad and just a 500 thread count sheet set and woke up sweating. I went back to the purple mattress pad and sheets and slept cool again. So I believe its not just the tempur adapt mattress that keeps you cool, but what kind of mattress pad and sheets you use. The Purple company got it right. I got rid of my Tempur Adapt because I just felt over the years it was going to wear down fast due to the thinness of the mattress. Theres a reason its on the low end of all the Tempur Pedics. High dollar for there low end mattress. I felt the coils too often with turning and when first sitting on the bed, just bothered me. I do think its supposed to be the other way around for when your told when you first get a mattress you may have some aches and pains till your body gets used to it, but not 2 months later. I couldn't take a chance on keeping this mattress. I do feel for anyone 200+ lbs may need to look at the higher end thicker Tempur pedic mattresses. Of course if you have the dollars, which I didn't.

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    User also said: Will remain cool with the right mattress pad and sheets.
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    User also said: 200+ LB person will feel the coils when first sitting on the bed and turning.
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    Poor Back Support

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    Fair Pressure Relief

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    Slightly better Sleep
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    Innerspring / Traditional

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    Fair "Coolness"


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    Fair Value
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    Not Rated

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    Slightly too soft