Miracle mattress!

My number one reason for buying a Spink & Edgar mattress was that I was looking for a high quality mattress that was made with natural products that would breathe. I normally sleep very warm and would often wake up during the night hot and uncomfortable- which usually meant I couldn't get back to sleep. After doing some research I decided to look at the Spink & Edgar Angora 9000 since I also like a plush bed, and after laying on the mattress at the store for about 20 minutes I realized that the longer I was on this mattress the more comfortable I became. That, along with the confidence of the company to give it one of the best warranties I ever heard of, sold it! My first night on the mattress was almost too good to be true-- I slept through the night and never felt hot or uncomfortable. Within a few days I noticed that normal aches and pains that I always had were subsiding and within a week were almost gone. By the second week my husband was even commenting about just how comfortable the bed was and how much better he was sleeping as well- and he usually never had a problem sleeping and didn't realize just how much better sleep could be! We now have had the bed about a month and not only am I sleeping better, I'm feeling so much better physically. The support system on this bed is incredible- amazing comfort and pressure point relief- along with natural materials that don't give off gases or chemical smells- and I am finding this mattress actually isn't too good to be true- it really IS amazing! The longer I have my Spink & Edgar mattress the more I realize just how much I was missing out without it. I can't recommend it highly enough!

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      Excellent Back Support

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      Don't know Not Rated

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      Much better Sleep
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      Innerspring / Traditional

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      Excellent "Coolness"


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      Excellent Value
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      Not Rated

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      Just right