Great Latex, poor cover choices.

I am rewriting a review that I cant seem to access nor do I recall writing about Sleeping Organic. Great to pick each comfort level for each person. But my experience was difficult as the cover, both the original and the second sent ruined the feel of sleeping on latex. I decided to buy a Tempurpedic cover as my old one stretches so you can feel whats beneath. The Organic covers that encloses this bed ruined it for us. The owner Chris agreed to reimburse me for the price of that cover, but only after I had to stuff two covers back into a box and then UPS it breaking my back. It was a nightmare to have to change out this bed three times to get it right. I am now being harassed to remove reviews. I explained the importance of the feel of the bed as my wife has two cancers and recently lost a hip due to cancer. I have had extensive injury to joints and not once did he even say "Sorry to hear that". I did not agree to LIE and not be honest about my purchase and to let others understand. Send me a check for the full bed and I'll just start over. If you are that much into organic, that you will blow 2000 bucks to say you are saving the earth, but can't feel the bed beneath the cover, then go for it. Its great latex and great to pick each side but again, they need to resolve the cover issue as people have reached out to me on FB to ask how to fix this so its a problem.

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  • Adjustable Comfort
User also said: Both sides can be picked to meet each sleepers needs
    User also said: Cover causes a trampoline effect ruining feel of latex.
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