I am in the trying out period.

The first night was great. By the second day I have mixed feelings hanging out on the bed, laying down watching TV. Maybe is too soon to write a review. Today looking for another bed in case this one doesn’t work out. 100 day try out. It’s vey bouncy. Waiting for pillows. My neck hurts and has nothing to do with the bed. I might have made the mistake to get a full size with double chambers. A salesperson recommended doing this even for myself. But it feels like it might sink in the middle separating the chambers. To set it to the right air pressure, I have to do one side at a time, which is time consuming and odd, even with the app. That could use some improvement by the company. Another salesperson said the opposite, to get a one chamber if it is to be use for one person only. Would update if I decide to keep it or my opinion changes. Still getting use to it. Salesperson said it will get better. It felt softer at the store. This mattress will save electricity during the summer. It doesn’t get hot at all, unlike temperpedic, using the same cooling mattress cover. The construction looks unprofessional, but is an air mattress after all. When setting the bed on the base, it looked like it was going to come apart. There is not that much holding the parts together, very odd, specially for a $5,000 mattress (I got it for 50% off).

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Good Back Support

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Excellent Pressure Relief

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Don't know Not Rated
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Memory Foam

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Poor Value
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Not Rated

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Much too hard