Layer Roulette

Inconsistent feel between each side with same latex configuration. Two firm layers have different support comfort. If you get the configuration right for your shoulders it's too soft for your lower back. Configurating your comfort is even more difficult as the latex ages. It's like playing Jeopardy with your sleep. Where is Alex Trebek when you need him?

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  • Temperature Control
User also said: The idea of configuration of comfort layers
  • Back Support
  • Overall Comfort
  • Firm Comfort
  • Pressure Relief
  • Warranty Claims
User also said: Configurating comfort layers that have different feels with supposedly same firmness level.
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Ratings from this Sleeper

Back Support

User rated this bed:
Poor Back Support

Pressure Relief

User rated this bed:
Very Poor Pressure Relief

Sleep Quality

User rated this bed:
Much worse Sleep
Previous mattress was:
Adjustable Air

Stays "Cool"

User rated this bed:
Good "Coolness"


User rated this bed:
Fair Value
Price paid (approximate):
$1,700 (Queen) Size

Warranty Service

User rated this bed:
Poor Warranty Service

Softness Level

User rated this bed:
Much too hard