poor quality for paying almost 2K dollars

I purchased a mattress and some other items, for a total of $1,684.34 from the south university store in Davie less than 90 days ago. The mattress was dropped off with my wife when delivered, and she was not asked to inspect it. We recently discovered that a portion of the pillowtop buckles up and is not held down by the buttons. I took a video on my iphone and brought it back to the store to speak with Manny. Manny works there, but I had originally bought the mattress from a young lady named Drew. I showed the video to Manny, and he stated "you still need to pay the warranty inspection fee, regardless of what you are showing me, then on top of it, you will need to pay a $70 delivery fee for a new mattress if needed........I dont make the rules so sorry.......here is a number you can call but I cant guarantee that they will pick up, sometimes I call and it takes me 25 times to actually get through" With that, I thanked him and left. I went home and Manny was right. I called about 20 times and finally got through. A hispanic sounding many answered. I told him that I would like to please speak with Drew the DM......he put me on hold for 25-30 minutes, which is very frustrating, then the phone hung up! I then proceeded to call back and each time the phone would pick up then hang up immediately. After 1 hour, the same person picked up finally and asked for my phone number and said that I would recieve a call back. THIS WAS AFTER 47 PHONE CALLS TO GET THROUGH TO SOMEONE. I run a very large company where I have 19 direct reports and oversee 25,000 employees. Im shocked to know that this is how your company is run. I looked online and got the number of, what I thought was, the central office in Ohio. The gentleman picked up and told me that his Mattress One is in no way affiliated with the company out of Florida, but he said that he has had so many people call over the years that he has the mattress one florida's customer service numbers for central and south florida on hand.

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