Great at first but not a ten year investment

With fibromyalgia and joint problems, I need a very plush mattress to avoid pressure points but I still need good enough support to provide proper alignment. I was very hopeful about this mattress and for the first few years it performed very well. Got it in January 2010. I wish it had come with a more stretchy mattress protector because in order to get the conforming softness from the memory foam top I needed to loosen a corner of the protector so my shoulder could dig into the mattress enough. Over the years I have rotated it head to foot and I have switched which side I sleep on which I think prolonged its life significantly. The memory foam top started breaking down and in places I can feel the coils when I lie down. There is a sagging hammock effect which causes hip pain. However the increased indentation is not visible because the top is so puffy. I would be very surprised if anyone had ever gotten their warranty honored because of this. I got maybe three good years from it which for over $2,000 is not worth it to me. I expected it to last for 10 years or be replaced if it developed significant issues. Instead when I inquired about the warranty the person on the phone told me it was highly unlikely that it would be covered unless it had a visibly deep depression. Like deeper than my depression over a wasted two grand plus and wasted sleep and backaches. I decided after waking in pain for more than two years to give up and invest in myself and my health. This time I'm trying online shopping with great return policies. Hoping for luck with the LUXI!

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User also said: Initially the plush soft confirming top. No pressure points.
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User also said: Broke down too quickly, no recourse, expensive
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Poor Back Support

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Poor Pressure Relief

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Slightly better Sleep
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Memory Foam

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Fair "Coolness"


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Fair Value
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Fair Warranty Service

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Just right