Seems like a decent bed for now.

I'm 36 years old, male, 6'2" tall and 260 lbs. I've had lower back problems since I was 14 years old, sciatica since I was 25 years old, countless steroid epidural injections, and 2 nerve burning procedures around L5 vertebrae. I've also had sleep apnea as far back as I can remember. In 2011 I purchased a Lebeda memory foam medium (the firm fealt like a brick) mattress and it only lasted about 4 years before I had to have it refurbished. Luckily the bed had a solid 10 year warranty and they refurbished the bed to a firm. After the bed was refurbished it lasted maybe another two years before it started to break down again and by the 3-year Mark I could barely even walk in the morning. I decided to look into getting a new mattress so I can live my life again and I'm on a very tight budget now. I noticed Sam's Club had the Serta Perfect Sleeper brindale II firm bed on sale for only $300 and I can honestly say that I'm pleased so far but I've only had the bed for about a month. I can tell that it's not going to take a lot of abuse, if I set up too fast on the edge it will bind the springs but I like the fact of it having inner Springs and the memory foam gel top because I think the springs will hold up better than the memory foam on my old bed. This bed does feel a little bit on the soft side for being a firm but I wake up relatively pain-free again after being in 3 motorcycle wrecks and 2 nasty car accidents plus back surgeries. I don't expect this mattress to last longer than 3 years which seems to be the norm with all newer non flippable mattresses but if I only have to spend $300 every 3 years I'm okay with that. This mattress is placed on a tatago slat steel 16" platform bed frame that holds 3,000 pounds with a piece of three-quarter inch plywood over the slats for more support.

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User also said: Firm but not too hard, hoping it doesn't break down too soon

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Excellent Back Support

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Good Pressure Relief

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Much better Sleep
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Memory Foam

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Good "Coolness"


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Good Value
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Not Rated

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Slightly too soft