It may be cooler than 100% memory foam, but it's not cool

I was looking for a bed with pressure relief and that slept "cool". This "hybrid" seemed like the perfect solution since I understand that memory foam sleeps hot, even though "they" have been trying to remedy that complaint. Since I haven't slept on a 100% memory foam mattress, I can't evaluate if this is an improvement, but the special cool gel memory foam appears to be wholly ineffective. My old innerspring mattress was much much cooler. I'm afraid that come summer I will roast. Also, to my complete surprise, this bed stunk when removed from the wrapping and still does after 6 weeks even though I have tried most of the tricks recommended by various sources. I emailed Serta and their response, that it was the plastic the bed came wrapped in, was a total denial of the considerable evidence that memory foam in particular does smell and needs to "off-gas." The retailer said to put a box of baking soda under the bed and it would be okay in a few days. Ha. The retailer has ignored both of my email on the subject. Finally, I suspect that the bed will become very saggy in the middle after not too long time. I suppose if it's bad enough, the warranty may kick in soon.

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