A total nightmare!

It lost its shape within 3 months, the sides look bumpy and totally out of shape, awful edge support, very uncomfortable mattress, didn't feel the same I tried in the store. Warranty was a total waste of time. A man came to do the inspection, I couldn't even say a word, he took some pictures and said they would send a letter in a couple of weeks when I got the email they just said that the warranty was void due to liquid stains on the mattress, ( yes, perhaps spilled milk but I couldn't even see the stains and I used a waterproof full cover all the time) as if a little bit of milk will damage the edge of the mattress and make it such a horrible product. I regret every day spending all that money (1400$) in this nightmare and it is not even easy to just get rid of it.

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Back Support

User rated this bed:
Fair Back Support

Pressure Relief

User rated this bed:
Don't know Not Rated

Sleep Quality

User rated this bed:
Much worse Sleep
Previous mattress was:
Memory Foam

Stays "Cool"

User rated this bed:
Good "Coolness"


User rated this bed:
Very poor Value
Price paid (approximate):

Warranty Service

User rated this bed:
Very poor Warranty Service

Softness Level

User rated this bed:
Slightly too soft