Really not good at all

This mattress cost a lot of money and was the worst mattress I've ever had. Finally bought a new mattress last week. It's not supportive at all, it forms ruts after laying on for 15 or 20 minutes, when you try to move, it basically rolls you back into the ruts. If I remember correctly, it was supposed to be a medium mattress firmness, but this is way more like jello. I should've had it replaced after we first got it, but for some reason I thought.. ahh it won't be so bad..

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    User also said: Zero, there are no pros at all
    • Maneuverability
    • Soft Comfort
    • Overall Support
    • Surface Integrity
    • Overall Value
    User also said: It's completely non supportive and really really heavy to try and move this thing at all
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    Back Support

    User rated this bed:
    Very Poor Back Support

    Pressure Relief

    User rated this bed:
    Good Pressure Relief

    Sleep Quality

    User rated this bed:
    Much worse Sleep
    Previous mattress was:
    Memory Foam

    Stays "Cool"

    User rated this bed:
    Fair "Coolness"


    User rated this bed:
    Poor Value
    Price paid (approximate):
    $1,700 (King) Size

    Warranty Service

    User rated this bed:
    Not Rated

    Softness Level

    User rated this bed:
    Much too soft