Satisfied so far - early days.

After some research we realised that mattresses are only build to last approx 5-7 years these days. Previous mattress purchased about 20 years ago and we got 18 yrs good support from it. Now we have paid about the same price - both purchased on sale - but it is 20 years later. So 5-7 years durability reflects the increase of all costs (20yrs) but remaining close to the same $ cost to consumer. It is very comfortable so far for us both - 140lbs and 200lbs. My big complaint is the huge lack of information about the specs in the bed for layers, materials and thickness of layers. I hate the consumer being treated as fools by the manufacturers and the retailers.

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Good Back Support

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Excellent Pressure Relief

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Same Sleep
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Innerspring / Traditional

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Good "Coolness"


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Good Value
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Not Rated

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Just right