Not a true pillow top. Well made but really uncomfortable

We were very disappointed in our Saatva queen size mattress. We are both side and back sleepers. We have tried two of them, and still are very unhappy and are now going to change to a different brand. If you look around online, you'll see a lot of people are unhappy with the hardness of this mattress. In our case, based on their advice on the phone, we first tried the Luxury Firm (middle firmness) and then exchanged it for a Plush Soft (softest of the 3 firmnesses) mattress. We still find even the soft one really hard. I wake up with hip aches and my husband has been having problems sleeping almost every night! We just don't find these beds comfortable. On the positive side, it seems to be decent quality and sleeps cool. Don't expect a real pillow top from this company. What they call the "pillow" is built in and the mattress sleeps like any other regular (non-pillow-top) mattress. My husband and I have been uncomfortable every day for more than 2 months with these two mattresses and we've had enough. We are now returning the Plush Soft one and exchanging it for a Serta gel pillow top that we've tried before and found comfortable. (The pricing is similar, btw.) Saatva did not reimburse either of the two shipping costs we incurred, but are reimbursing us for the mattress. As for customer service, we found it a mixed bag. The woman who exchanged the first mattress for the second was snarky and had an attitude. The man who processed our final return of the second mattress was lovely. He is allowing us to keep our box springs if we choose to do so.

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User also said: It's hard.
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Poor Back Support

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Poor Pressure Relief

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Much worse Sleep
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Innerspring / Traditional

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Fair Value
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Fair Warranty Service

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Much too hard