Very misleading sales tactic

Their website claims that this Saatva mattress is Made of Organic Cotton and the foam used is a "bio based foam". No one knows what that means. So I started a chat when them and was told that the was was either made from soy or corn oil. It was also stated that no Chemical Flame Retardant is used and that the mattress is "chemical free". According to the live chat support. I thought, wow, Organic Cotton and a "bio-based foam" mattress for under $1000? Interesting. I've had bad luck before and already lost $800 due to purchasing 2 mattress that didn't work for me. So I went ahead and placed my order. I got a call from the delivery company and set up a 9am delivery. Instead, they arrived at 6am and I was half asleep. Nevertheless, I got the mattress. When I cut open the bag, I noticed a distinct smell of polyurethane foam. I thought to myself, this can't be. I looked at the label and what do you know? It's 70% Polyurethane! What a misleading sales tactic used by their site and chat support. Why not mention Polyurethane? I chatted once again and this time, they confirmed, it was 30% corn / soy and the rest is Polyurethane. Upon looking at their site. I noticed that they use CertiPUR foams. CertiPUR clearly states that their unacceptable claims that are not related to the CertiPUR-US program are "soy, agri or bio-based content, Green, Safe, Non-Toxic and Sustainable". This is the exact opposite of what we see at Saatva's website. We can read all that here:

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Good Back Support

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Good Pressure Relief

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Much worse Sleep

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Slightly too hard