I researched mattresses in the stores for over a year. It...

I researched mattresses in the stores for over a year. It was the most awful shopping experience I have ever encountered. Once I felt like I had make a good choice I would go online and goggle the reviews on the mattress and they were always bad. No matter which brand; the persons who purchased the mattress was always disappointed. I had given up and was sleeping on my couch because my Sealy was so terrible and felt like I was sleeping on a pothole. I finally started researching online and came upon the Saatva website. I reviewed the site and read the reviews. I thought the reviews were too good and felt they were fake but I figured what the heck. The return policy was good. I ordered the queen Luxury firm 11.5 inch, 4 inch foundation and the frame which is about 7 inches. My bed measures a total of 22" in height. I was going for the more low profile modern look. I was very afraid this bed would be to low but it is not and adds to my modern look. I did not want a thick heavy mattress. It took all 18 days for my delivery because Saatva does not have a store in Texas and the bed is custom made upon order. I suffer terrible back pain and because it had been a year since I had a good night sleep I was only logging 4 hours of sleep each night. The first night I slept on my Saatva bed my back pain was reduced dramatically. Before I would wake up feeling as if my back was broke. Now I wake up with little to no back pain. I also sleep like a log. I have trouble getting up because I do not want to leave my mattress. If you are checking out this site, trust the reviews. I didn't and just bought the mattress with nothing to lose. My gamble paid off. I will only buy Saatva as my mattress. It has been over six months since I purchased my Saatva mattress and it is as wonderful to sleep on as the first day I purchased it. The luxury firm is not too soft and not hard like a rock. It is just right. I LOVE THIS BED and highly recommend it to everyone. Excellent value and Excellent Customer Service.

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Back Support

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Excellent Back Support

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Excellent Pressure Relief

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Much better Sleep

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Not Rated

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Not Rated

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Just right