Good bed - frustrating experience

Ratings and Reviews are everything to the average e-commerce savvy shopper. While I'd love to believe that Saatva is moderating their reviews to only filter out vulgarities, I am now under the impression that they are filtering out the negative reviews as well. I purchased this bed in January for a new apartment, in a new city. When the first bed arrived (a Full), I was so excited as every single review was a positive one. Unfortunately, I had some issues with the delivery team smelling of smoke. After using the bed for a few days, I realized that there was no center support and the center of the bed was sagging more than a normal bed should. Saatva customer service graciously allowed me to return the bed and apologized for the delivery team. They said that people don't normally purchase the Full beds, and it must have just been a rare mistake that the bed was sagging so much, but I decided to upgrade as the Queen sized bed has a center bar on the frame to provide more support (I paid for this). The very apologetic customer service representative said he would be in touch throughout the process to see how delivery went and to follow-up on the feel of the mattress. After I received the Queen mattress (with no delivery issues - they were very professional), I realized that there was a large lump all the way across the bottom of the bed. I was moving to a new apartment the next week, so I held off waiting for customer service to call me while I was busy working as well as packing up to give the benefit of the doubt that maybe the hump would go down in a week or so. Unfortunately, to no ones fault but my own, I've officially missed the time to exchange my mattress again as the lump is still there and the customer service rep still hasn't reached out, and honestly, I couldn't afford to take another day off of work for a bed exchange at this point because they only deliver during the weekdays. All in all, the bed is fine, customer service was great in the beginning of the transaction, but I wouldn't buy another Saatva.

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Back Support

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Good Back Support

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Good Pressure Relief

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Slightly better Sleep

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Not Rated

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Not Rated

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Just right