The Right Choice

I've had my Saatva Queen Luxury Firm for almost three months now, and I'm wishing I hadn't waited so long to buy it. I'd known almost since I paid well over $2000 for the last bed that it was a mistake--daily backaches and headaches were a constant reminder. I knew then that choosing a mattress by lying on it wasn't a dependable way to choose one, and that I'd have to do it by learning every detail about all mattresses, and about what makes a good mattress. So I spent months in research. I kept coming back to the Saatva as the best choice, but I read so many different opinions on just how firm the Luxury Firm was that it took me awhile to decide to take a chance. The purchase went exactly as the website said it would. There were no delays or hitches anywhere. The delivery men were professional, courteous, helpful, and fast. There was no off-gassing at all, and only a mild, fresh, new-bed odor. The advice to change our pillows at the same time was very prudent, and without it, I'd have blamed the bed for something that was simple to change. The Luxury Firm is exactly firm enough. After our overly-plush old bed, the Saatva at first felt too firm, but after about a week, we adjusted and it was just right. I was concerned about settling; that hasn't happened. I was concerned about edge support; it is still doing its job. We love our bed! ---

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User also said: 1) Pressure-free support without motion transfer or sinking into the bed.
    User also said: No dislikes at all.
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    Excellent Back Support

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    Excellent Pressure Relief

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    Much better Sleep
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    Innerspring / Traditional

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    Excellent "Coolness"


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    Excellent Value
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    Not Rated

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    Just right