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As most of the people here have stated, I was also skeptical ordering a mattress online. I'm a researcher when it comes to buying anything. I read and read and read before I buy a product and go to stores and do a lot of looking. I'm a self-professed Frugal Fanny also and try to find the best deal on the best product when I buy anything. All of the above being said, I decided on the Saatva because of everything I read about it. Not only on the Saatva website but on other websites and You Tube mattress reviewers as well. I am in love with my Luxury Firm mattress. I like a firm mattress and my husband likes one that's not so firm. This one is perfect for both of us. We were using an organic latex mattress with a luxury pillowtop and it slept too hot for me. I would wake up soaked in sweat. My husband would complain of being hot also when he was home. He travels a lot and said he didn't have that problem at hotels. The mattress also had indentions where I slept even though I turned it often. I felt like I was sleeping in a hole. I'm a stomach and back sleeper and my husband is a side sleeper. The latex mattress cost us around $5,000 and all I could think of was I needed to get rid of it. It was 8 years old, but had a 20-year warranty. Good Riddance! I'm so, so happy I found Saatva. I slept better from the first night. It's heaven to me. I have had a hard time sleeping for years and now I'm so absolutely comfortable. I also have Fibromyalgia and I have no aches, pains or stiffness from this mattress. I have only had my Luxury Firm mattress about a month and would fight someone if they tried to take it back. This was a great decision for my husband and I and if you are skeptical don't be. It's Heaven!

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Excellent Back Support

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Excellent Pressure Relief

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Much better Sleep

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Just right