Customer Service is never as good as their sales

We bought a mattress that was supposed to be warrantied for 20 years. We're 10 years in. On a visual inspection you can see the side is compressed and their is an impression. Impossible for two people to sleep comfortably without rolling into each other. In past, my partner and I have had our Serta or Sealy beds replaced under warranty with absolutely no hassle, a person came out and measured and checked and signed off. This time with our IronMan bed, they send a salesman to check our bed for warranty. He doesn't measure it (eyes it up) and says it's fine. He explains he doesn't have to measure because he's that good in the industry. How ridiculous to say and what a piss poor job of a check. Then the salesman lies in the bed...AND CAN'T GET UP (because he says he has a bad back). So if my bed still meets the minimal standard under warranty....why couldn't he get out of bed easy? Shouldn't a bed be GOOD for a bad back if it's still in good shape? Plus this salesman lied to my face and said my husband DID NOT offer his hand to help him get up. They've lost ALL credibility in my eyes. The bed itself - bed we've ever owned. But now that we know they don't stand behind warranty - we'll never buy from them again. Plus we have promoted this bed for literally a decade now. So for the next 10 years of warranty that they refuse to honour - I commit to posting "buyer beware" reviews on a weekly basis, on all their social media (I even started a twitter account to do this) for the next 10 years. A big commitment...but unlike them, you can rely on me. So check out this company as they provide a variety of mattresses to many different distributors. I'll be going on the distributor websites also to comment.

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Good Back Support

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Fair Pressure Relief

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Much better Sleep
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Innerspring / Traditional

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Good "Coolness"


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Fair Value
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Very poor Warranty Service

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Just right