Great bed for back pain, neck pain

Love the HD superduty King by Paramount. You feel the quality and craftsmanship of this bed your first night sleeping. The warranty for 20 years is the best. Worth every dime this bed. I would reccomend buying this bed in person or over the phone from Westwood Sleep Centers. Adam is the manager and wonderful to work with. He understood our needs right away. He was not pushy and first introduced us to a much cheaper mattress to save us money. At the end I am all about quality and had Adam direct me to the best well made bed in his store. Once we tested the HD Mattress I was sold. I did not want to initially spend this much as this bed was worth every penny. I recommend this bed to all differnt sizes and shapes who want a great night sleep. After all most of our lives are spent in bed. Call Adam when your ready as each HD bed is made to order. Should take about 1 week delivery time. Best of luck.

  • Back Support
  • Price
  • Product Quality
  • Sales Pressure
  • Warranty Terms
User also said: Quality, Warranty, Price, Top of the line and buying this bed from Westwood Sleep Centers.

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Ratings from this Sleeper

Back Support

User rated this bed:
Excellent Back Support

Pressure Relief

User rated this bed:
Good Pressure Relief

Sleep Quality

User rated this bed:
Much better Sleep
Previous mattress was:
Innerspring / Traditional

Stays "Cool"

User rated this bed:
Fair "Coolness"


User rated this bed:
Fair Value
Price paid (approximate):
$2,699 (King) Size

Warranty Service

User rated this bed:
Excellent Warranty Service

Softness Level

User rated this bed:
Slightly too hard