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We purchased this mattress from Ortho Mattress in Irvine, CA in February 2018. By mid May, we noticed a dent forming on one of the borders. Linda Garcia contacted me and I could tell from her initial reply that she had already determined the dent was somehow our fault because we had only purchased a mattress. She reluctantly offered to send out an inspector for a "one time inspection". She asked if we had a bed frame and a box spring. The inspector was very professional and courteous. Linda's determination letter arrived today. Our claim is denied citing our bed frame is not suitable due to its age. Our bed frame is made from solid cherry wood. We have been sleeping on it for 25 years. This the 3rd mattress we have owned. We had zero issues with the other two. Linda advised us that we "should replace our bed frame". The dent appeared on one side of the mattress edge. If the bed frame is the cause of this, it would have appeared in a weaker section of the mattress or on both sides. At the end of January, I completed a year of treatment for cancer. I thought I'd give us a treat, and purchase an upgraded mattress. This denial of the warranty is greatly disappointing. This is an expensive product. Instead blaming your customer from the get go, you should consider the fact this is a defective product. I will be sharing this review, far and wide.

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Excellent Pressure Relief

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Much worse Sleep
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Very poor Value
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Very poor Warranty Service

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Just right