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I bought this mattress about 5-6 years ago and it is already significantly worn. There are body indentations and it’s lost support, I wake up with neck, shoulder and hip aches and pains. This has been going on months. I reached out to the store to replace under the 10 year warranty. They no longer carry this mattress but said it is covered based off the pictures provided. They CC’d the company asking them to replace it, twice. A month went by and I haven’t heard back. I contacted customer service today and they said I have to bring the mattress to Aurora myself and they won’t replace any mattress only “fix them.” I am a cancer patient going through chemotherapy inpatient at a hospital 6 days each cycle. When I’m out of the hospital I am obviously unwell and laying in bed (which is very uncomfortable and causing pain). I cannot lift a mattress down 3 flights of stairs and get a u-haul to load it up and drive it to Aurora. That is absurd. And they will not replace it? So I will be without a mattress while they “fix it?” And then have to rent a u-haul to pick it up and drive back an hour to Fort Collins and lift it back up 3 flights of stairs? Horrible customer service! Not only was the woman very rude, but this is an stupid policy that is not customer based or convenient at all. If you cared about your customers and upholding your warranty you would do what every other normal store does and send a replacement and discard this one or could even leave to me to discard in my own (which most companies will handle). Do not waste your time or money buying from them, they won’t honor the warranty they promise.

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User also said: Horrible customer service, won’t honor warranty
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Poor Back Support

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Very Poor Pressure Relief

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Don't know or not sure

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Poor "Coolness"


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Poor Value
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$0 (Queen) Size

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Very poor Warranty Service

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Not Rated