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I like the mattress ok. My wife says it smells like asphalt. If that doesn’t get better soon it’s going back. Couple other things about Nolah you should know. They seem to rely heavily on their customers to do their marketing. After the sale you will be bombarded with emails asking you to make a YouTube vid, sell you friends one, etc. Millennials might think this is cool but I find it kind of creepy. Their website reviews are total BS. You may notice they only have 4-5 star reviews. I asked them why they didn’t publish my 2 star review and the answer was that a third party handles their reviews and they have nothing to do with it. I wrote back that a review like mine would have been very helpful to me when shopping and got a curt “we don’t handle that” reply. I bought a set of sheets at the same time for $149. They are not worth $49. Maybe $29. The fabric is very thin. I don’t expect them to last long in our world. The fitted sheet is so small and tight I can’t get it over the mattress after 3rd washing. Top sheet is so small you can’t tuck the sides under the mattress. The fact that they sent the wrong color is NBD for me but....yeah, they sent the wrong color. When we bought our mattress they were throwing in 2 “free” pillows. Ours went straight to goodwill. Did not make it through one night. My advice on that score would be to tell them to keep their pillows and give you $100 off the price of the mattress. Overall I would say $1K is too much for this mattress and I would definitely not buy their sheets. Or pillows.

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Back Support

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Good Back Support

Pressure Relief

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Very Poor Pressure Relief

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Slightly better Sleep
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Innerspring / Traditional

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Poor "Coolness"


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Fair Value
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Poor Warranty Service

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Just right