Best mattress I've ever had, with one concern

This is by far the best mattress I've ever had. My previous mattresses were all traditional spring mattresses. After getting married, I didn't realize how much motion transfer played a role in good rest. We tend to move around more than I thought, which would affect the other person sleeping some of the time. Combined with the noise that came with it, there were many times where someone would interrupt the other person's sleep. After getting rid of the box spring and old mattress and setting this up, I was amazed by how little noise or motion transfer there was. Comfort is excellent. The medium may be a tad more firm than I'd like, but it is still very comfortable and provides great support. You get a little bit of that "cloud" feeling without feeling like you're sinking in. The mattress doesn't stay as cool as I'd like, but I'm not sure if any mattress out there does. The build quality is the only real area of concern for longevity. After having the mattress for a year now, the fabric has separated from the top layer of foam in one area. This has formed a small lump. I don't think it is affecting my sleep, it just looks weird. I'm assuming this is an exception and not a wide spread problem. The Nest company has been great to deal with. When we tested the Love Bed, we decided it wasn't comfortable enough for us. After contacting Nest within the trial period, they directed us on donating the mattress and put the purchase price of the mattress towards our Alexander. Everything was smooth and the staff was very courteous.

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      Back Support

      User rated this bed:
      Good Back Support

      Pressure Relief

      User rated this bed:
      Excellent Pressure Relief

      Sleep Quality

      User rated this bed:
      Much better Sleep
      Previous mattress was:
      Innerspring / Traditional

      Stays "Cool"

      User rated this bed:
      Fair "Coolness"


      User rated this bed:
      Good Value
      Price paid (approximate):
      $1,100 (Queen) Size

      Warranty Service

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      Excellent Warranty Service

      Softness Level

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      Just right