Haven't slept this solid since I was a kid

We've been through multiple beds, some on the expensive side and nothing was completely comfortable. The bed that cost 3K memory foam one was like sleeping on cement (I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about). I'd do research, but the beds weren't super comfortable. Until I came across Nest Bedding's Alexander bed. I thought well we'll try it ad see what happens. Both me and my wife were having aches, armor hip falling asleep before. Got this bed and right away it felt soft but supportive. We sleep the soundest we have in a long time. Since we loved the bed we then purchased the adjustable base from N.B. Put that massage on and GOODNIGHT NURSE! Now we don't want to get out of bed. Best bed we EVER bought. My mother in law laced in the bed for 5 seconds and said "it's like a cloud!", she's now going to buy one

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    User also said: Comfortable, supportive, good price
      User also said: Can sleep a little hot sometimes, but everything else makes up for it. I just put the ceiling fan on
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      Back Support

      User rated this bed:
      Excellent Back Support

      Pressure Relief

      User rated this bed:
      Excellent Pressure Relief

      Sleep Quality

      User rated this bed:
      Much better Sleep
      Previous mattress was:
      Innerspring / Traditional

      Stays "Cool"

      User rated this bed:
      Good "Coolness"


      User rated this bed:
      Excellent Value
      Price paid (approximate):
      $1,100 (Queen) Size

      Warranty Service

      User rated this bed:
      Excellent Warranty Service

      Softness Level

      User rated this bed:
      Just right