Squishy but Supportive

This mattress has managed to placate both me (a person who prefers a firm mattress) and my partners (someone who prefers to sleep in a pile of cotton balls, or a giant marshmallow). Overall I thought this was a great purchase since it's brought a fair amount of peace between us. The buying process was also easy and free of scammy mattress salesmen trying to turn a buck. I have lower-back issues I struggle with. This mattress, though being a little sink-y, does support me enough to alleviate some of that pain at the end of the day. Honestly, the pillows (especially the side-sleeper pillows) are where it's at. The combo means your shoulder doesn't get pushed up into your body and you're not constantly dealing with cricks in your neck from being angled too low or too high on the pillow. If you go for this mattress, I strongly suggest going all in on the pillows, too. Biggest issue I have with this mattress is that it is HOT. We used to sleep with a full comforter, but even in the winter we sleep with a blanket a little thicker than a top sheet because the mattress contents absorb and hold a lot of heat. We've dealt with it by just downgrading to thinner bedding, but if you're someone who runs hot while sleeping and is attached to the weight of a full blown comforter, I'd go for one of Nest's lighter lines.

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    User also said: a good compromise between firm and soft, supportive, very comfortable, isolates motion
      User also said: runs hot, is difficult to physically move (could use some handles along the side)
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      Good Back Support

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      Good Pressure Relief

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      Poor "Coolness"


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      Excellent Value
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      $1,000 (Queen) Size

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      Just right