Better Sleep Less Pain

Reason for this purchase was to upsize from queen to king. This mattress is close to what I wanted, it is comfy and very well made. I do not like that it is only 10" when it was advertised as 11" which I prefer the higher depth so the sheets stay on well. I sleep a little better and have less back pain. My husband's hip pain is completely gone. It does sleep hot sometimes and I hate the idea of having to invest more money for mattress pad and/or sheets that help keep the mattress cool. I would not buy this mattress again. I would have rather purchased the Alexander or the Alexander Hybrid which would have suited my needs better, however, those were out of my price range.

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    User also said: Comfy, well made, materials of excellent quality
      User also said: low depth, hard to keep sheets and waterproof cover on, sleeps hot sometimes
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      Back Support

      User rated this bed:
      Good Back Support

      Pressure Relief

      User rated this bed:
      Excellent Pressure Relief

      Sleep Quality

      User rated this bed:
      Much better Sleep
      Previous mattress was:
      Memory Foam

      Stays "Cool"

      User rated this bed:
      Fair "Coolness"


      User rated this bed:
      Good Value
      Price paid (approximate):
      $850 (King) Size

      Warranty Service

      User rated this bed:
      Good Warranty Service

      Softness Level

      User rated this bed:
      Slightly too hard