Quite good but not perfect, some numbness and extra warmth.

My expectations for this mattress were probably unfairly high, and (unsurprisingly) they weren't completely met. Still, this Cal King Love Bed cost hundreds less than my previous Queen mattress and definitely feels better. I am a big guy (6'3" and, sadly, well overweight). I have always slept on spring mattresses before, so this was my first foam/composite mattress. I went all out and bought the Cal King. I've had back problems all my adult life (even before the weight gain) and this bed significantly reduced those. I would have given it 5 stars except a new (less painful) issue emerged... I usually wake at least once per night with numbness ("pins and needles", loss of circulation) in one arm (from the shoulder down). I've never had this before and it does interrupt my sleep, but its SO much better than the back pain I've had with other mattresses that I'm not going to complain about it any further. A separate problem I experienced is common to foam mattresses -- excess heat (reflected body warmth). This is typically only noticeable in the summer and would probably not be noticeable if we had central air. (We live in the NC mountains, cooling is mostly via evening breeze.) In the winter I use flannel sheets and this bed is wonderfully warm without ever seeming too hot. In Spring and Fall I just switch out the flannel for percale and the temp is again perfect. Only in summer is it sometimes too warm. The only spring mattress I've ever slept on that was any better than this was a Kingsdown. Still, the Kingsdown was only slightly better, and also at least twice the price of my Love Bed. Three criticisms I've heard of foam in general are: "no bounce" (necessary for proper boot-knockin'), "no side support" (too easy to slide off the edge), and "bad odor" (VOC's outgassing when first unwrapped). I can gladly say none of these are a problem with the Love Bed. Not perfect, but, definitely a cut above almost every other bed I have tried.

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    User also said: It's a Love Bed and it's good for lovin'. It's also pretty darn good for sleeping. Zero odor or VOC
      User also said: I am a side-sleeper and get "pins and needles" in the shoulders. A bit too warm in summer.
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      Back Support

      User rated this bed:
      Fair Back Support

      Pressure Relief

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      Poor Pressure Relief

      Sleep Quality

      User rated this bed:
      Slightly better Sleep
      Previous mattress was:
      Innerspring / Traditional

      Stays "Cool"

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      Fair "Coolness"


      User rated this bed:
      Good Value
      Price paid (approximate):
      $1,000 (Cal King) Size

      Warranty Service

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      Not Rated

      Softness Level

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      Slightly too hard