Frustrating Nest Bedding Experience

My wife and I really, REALLY wanted to like our mattress from Nest Bedding. It seemed like the ideal mattress for us as we considered our health and our family's. However, the main goal of a good mattress is that it also actually has to be comfortable, and in that department our Nest mattress failed us. We woke up for weeks with sore backs after using this bed! We travel quite a bit, so we both have many reference points with mattresses that surely would be considered "inferior." It is only with our Nest Bedding mattress that we have felt our backs ache, and it is as immediate as the first night we return home. So I requested a refund for the mattress during our "100 night free trial" period, but instead of a refund I got an email from company founder Joe Alexander asking us to give his mattress another try. We then embarked on a frustrating ordeal where Mr. Alexander offered and sent out a "topper," questioned our bedroom setup and denigrated other competitors' options on the market, but still no refund. After trading many emails with Mr. Alexander - and trying what he suggested, we decided that this mattress was still not for us. He refused to refund our money. He only offered a mattress of lesser quality, which we did not want. With so many new online companies offering a no-questions-asked return policy, it's disconcerting to run into one that doesn't honor it. We're now stuck with a $2,400 albatross in our bedroom. The $2400 Lesson: Trust your gut instinct. If a bed doesn't feel right during the trial period, insist on the refund- nothing but the refund. Period. Do not engage with the vendor on any "troubleshooting," as there are too many other choices on the market. It's also too bad that we discovered that Joe Alexander values revenue retention versus true customer service and positive word of mouth. He also demonstrated a bit of a temper. I know others have had good experiences, but honestly, from our experience, I would say this: Don't shop here!!

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Back Support

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Very Poor Back Support

Pressure Relief

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Excellent Pressure Relief

Sleep Quality

User rated this bed:
Much worse Sleep
Previous mattress was:
Innerspring / Traditional

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Very poor Value
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Warranty Service

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Very poor Warranty Service

Softness Level

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Slightly too hard