Luxury firm - still too soft

So, I've had it since oct 2018. It's at my second house (mountains). Does NOT get that much use. I'm pretty big. 6'1" and 250. My GF is much smaller - 5'4" and 115. She' fine with it. It's too soft and when I re-adjust, there is a bounce/wave. I sink in pretty well. I've messed with frame/supports/ etc. to get more support. It's the mattress. THE GOOD - is that my master is up a narrow set of stairs - and packaged - fit up the stairs. BAD is that given weight of item and size is that it's now semi-permanent. ALSO - it taught just how damn good my tempur-pedic at home really is. THAT is a great mattress. I think I'm being VERY generous w/ 3-stars!

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    User also said: shipped fast and boxed small
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    User also said: too soft. too much bounce. tiny bit hot. heavy ...
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    Fair Back Support

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    Good Pressure Relief

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    Much worse Sleep
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    Innerspring / Traditional

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    Fair "Coolness"


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    Fair Value
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    Not Rated

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    Much too soft