after 10 years it feels like a hammoc is a better option

the air chambers are just strong enough to last 10 years. After that they crack (plastic material) and the connection points start to leak. Very poor and cheap construction. I ended up needing to keep patching them often. Once they start braking up you get no indication, but any small leak is enough to cause all chambers air pressure to drop and that causes severe pressure on some parts of your back which can cause severe pain in the borning in the lower back and shouders. They offered to send me a new set of air chambers for $150 as far back as 2 years and as recent as 3 months ago. When I decided to order one set of air chambers recently they raised the price to $300. This is no where as good as a hybrid mattress with 600 to 1000 small coils that will rarely fail all at the same time. The best mattress overall are the hybrid ones with diffeent spring sizes on the lower back and elsewhere. For about $2000 you can get even mattresses with organic cotton at even department stores. There is no way these 9 air ballons are worth the price they try to charge you. Way too high for its life expectancy and actual cost of cheap materials used. It is just a few plastic ballons connected through a single shared air tuve with some air latch valves to allow air to flow in one direction only with a central valve that you can adjust to control the balanced pressure that the system will settle. A person of a different weight will get a total different firmness response unless the central valve is re-adjusted. Ths design is like 9 small air beds with foam on top of it. The real bad part about it is that any leak in the whole system causes all the chambers air pressure to drop and that renders their function to an useless status.

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User also said: won't last more than 10 years at best. Started developing issues around that time.
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Poor Back Support

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Fair Pressure Relief

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Slightly better Sleep
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Innerspring / Traditional

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Fair "Coolness"


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Poor Value
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Very poor Warranty Service

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Just right