So Frustrated

My husband and I purchased this mattress from a local mattress store where the salesman just couldn't rave about it enough. The first omen happened when the mattress was not delivered to us in a timely fashion causing a great deal of inconvenience. We finally agreed to take possession of it six months later. BAD OMEN. But I digress. I have some back issues and needed a mattress with great support, and the salesman was well aware of this fact. However even the first night was uncomfortable. We called the store where my husband was told,"oh, you need to sleep on it for awhile before you get it settled in". Well. "Settled in" means big, deep dips on both sides with a ridge down the middle. How does that happen when we usually "spoon" together in the middle of the bed??? I get restless leg symptoms so bad that I have to get up and either walk around the house, or if that doesn't work, I finally end up on the sofa. My husband sweats so bad, his pajama's are literally soaking wet. I also had told the salesman that I have menopausal related hot flashes and needed a cool mattress. Again, he insisted this was the best choice. My husband was blaming me for his night sweats! After reading the other reviews, at least I know now that I am NOT the culprit here! I honestly dread calling the store because I know I'll get no restitution. The warranty cleverly gives them a loop hole not to stand behind their product. We've been sleeping, or should I say TRYING to sleep on this piece of crap for almost a year now. I weigh 115 and my husband weighs 170. We are not large people here!!! Natura needs to do the right thing here and refund hard earned money to what looks like many unsatisfied customers.

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Back Support

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Poor Back Support

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Poor Pressure Relief

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Not Rated

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Fair "Coolness"


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Not Rated

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Not Rated

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Much too soft