It's like sleeping on a ski slope

I have never had such buyer's remorse about a product I spent so much money on. I did thorough research before buying this mattress and at the time, did not see any negative reviews. Latex mattresses were highly recommended by multiple sources. We have owned this mattress for only 10 months and it's the lumpiest mess I've ever slept on. Within a couple months, it developed deep body impressions on both the soft and the firm sides (it's a dual firm/soft) and a huge hard lump in the middle. If you want to cuddle or have sex, be prepared to ski down a slope to find your partner. You'd think we weighed 400 pounds, but in fact, we are quite a small couple. It is especially lumpy on the firm side because of the way it's constructed to connect the two sides of firmness. Over time, it has definitely gotten worse. When I called regarding the warranty, we encountered the same run-around the other reviewers have described, where there has to be 1 and 1/2 inches of impressions. We were told by the retailer that this is normal wear and tear. How is a lumpy mess normal? My husband, especially, is uncomfortable and experiencing pain from sleeping on this bed. Buyers beware! I would not recommend this mattress under any circumstances.

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Good Back Support

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Good Pressure Relief

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Slightly too hard