Every pressure point hurts.

At first our Mlily Harmony was comfortable. However it quickly lost support in the areas where my husband and I sleep. We tried rotating the mattress, which worked the first time. So we had about a year of comfort (6 months one way and 6 months the second way) before all support was gone and our backs sagged...also our shoulders and hips hurt within minutes of laying down. We wake up with both our arms completely numb from circulation being pinched off at our shoulders. Laying on back, side or stomach all come with some sort of pain. I realized how bad this 3 year old mattress is when I stayed on a 20 year old innerspring mattress at my daughter's house and didn't wake up in pain. For the first time in 3 years I slept more than an hour straight. Normally I awaken in pain and have to dig myself out of the hole I'm laying in to try and change position to get comfortable before an hour of sleep goes by, so we awaken all night long, making us both chronically sleep deprived. My husband and I finally decided to purchase a new bed, the Mlily Harmony scared us away from trying another memory foam, especially after how much we paid.. oh let me not forget their cheap box springs that came with the Mlily mattress set. The mattress is king sized, so it is two boxes. They are made of cheap wood that is "reinforced" with sheets of cardboard. This cardboard is stretched and weaved over the pieces of wood, every time we turn over or get out of bed this cardboard rubs the wood and makes a very loud creaky noise. You'd think the mattress and boxes were 20 years old by the way it held up. Oh and the place we bought it is out of business, so much for that 10 year warranty.

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Back Support

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Very Poor Back Support

Pressure Relief

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Very Poor Pressure Relief

Sleep Quality

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Much better Sleep
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Memory Foam

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Poor Value
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Not Rated

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Just right