STILL no refund - don't trust the guarantee

I purchased the Luxi 3 in 1 Queen mattress in February of this year and while it was not terrible it was too soft with no edge support and I often woke up with back pain. I tried all three configurations for about a month each and none of them worked for me. That being said, I will say my wife is a side sleeper and she seemed to like it well enough. I contacted Luxi to try and get a refund in May and was diligent in continually contacting them asking what was happening with my refund and when it was coming in. I sent all paperwork whenever they asked for it. I was told multiple times that it was coming or had been sent out but every time I asked for a picture of the check I got no response. I have to assume based on all this that nothing was ever sent out. I was told that the CEO was being copied on one string of emails to make sure my check went out but still nothing came of that. I don't even know why it's a check rather than a refund on the card that I used but at this point I don't care how it comes in, just that I get the refund I'm supposed to get. At this point, I don't know if I'm ever going to get that money. I'm considering taking legal action and seeing if it looks like I can get some kind of return from that after legal fees. BUYER BEWARE - don't get this with the expectation that you can just return it if you don't like it. My experience has been that you won't ever see that refund.

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    User also said: Okay for side sleeper.
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    User also said: Too soft especially for back sleepers; TERRIBLE customer service; Refund never came
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    Back Support

    User rated this bed:
    Poor Back Support

    Pressure Relief

    User rated this bed:
    Poor Pressure Relief

    Sleep Quality

    User rated this bed:
    Slightly worse Sleep
    Previous mattress was:
    Innerspring / Traditional

    Stays "Cool"

    User rated this bed:
    Good "Coolness"


    User rated this bed:
    Fair Value
    Price paid (approximate):
    $1,300 (Queen) Size

    Warranty Service

    User rated this bed:
    Very poor Warranty Service

    Softness Level

    User rated this bed:
    Slightly too soft