More like concrete than a bed ,too thick, too heavy

This Lifekind mattress is called traditional- not so. It is way too deep-8 inches, and seems made with springs that could support a Mack truck. The truly traditional 6 or 7 inch innerspring mattress that it replaced was one I could rotate by myself, even flip by myself and for 17 years was heaven to sleep on. When it started to sag I thought this was a chance to get an organic mattress but it took me 3 years to get up the nerve to pay over 2k for a mattress. When the mattress arrived it was so heavy it took 3 men to carry it upstairs. It did look beautiful and had no chemical odors but a polished rock looks beautiful too. It has no give. My ribs and hips hurt when I wake up. Lifting the corners to put the fitted sheets on is a chore because the mattress is so heavy. If we ever want to flip it we'll need to call the neighbors in to help. Just before the mattress arrived we stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn where the mattress was SO comfortable I stripped back the sheets to see the brand. It was their own. The Lifekind people should buy one and imitate it. I love the idea of an organic mattress but this one seems made for a couple who weigh 300 pounds each. Could they have sent me their mattress instead of mine? Who could believe that a Lifekind organic mattress could make me long for my old sagging Restonic?

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Poor Back Support

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Poor Pressure Relief

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Much worse Sleep

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Not Rated

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