Lightweight sleepers beware!

I'm not a big guy at 5'10 and 140lbs and prefer to sleep on my side 90% of the time, so please take that into consideration. Mike was absolutely correct in his review regarding this mattress as it pertains to someone with a side sleep preference and who is around 150lbs or lighter. This mattress gave me really bad shoulder and hip pain, which is to be expected for a side sleeper when a mattress is too firm. Within 5 minutes I immediately felt the pressure points at all areas of contact with the mattress. Me personally I prefer a medium soft mattress and this mattress was definitely medium firm. I also tried the Casper and have the exact same feedback for that mattress as well. Bottom line if you proportions match mine or if you are a side sleeper/you prefer medium soft and softer, don't even waste your time trying. The environment will thank you for your thoughtfulness and discretion. Also I gave it about a month and sent it back. Super nice people, but not the right fit for me personally.

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User also said: Not really about the mattress, more about customer service. They're great!
    User also said: Too Firm, I'm not even 26 and this made me experience back, hip, and shoulder pain
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    Back Support

    User rated this bed:
    Poor Back Support

    Pressure Relief

    User rated this bed:
    Very Poor Pressure Relief

    Sleep Quality

    User rated this bed:
    Much worse Sleep
    Previous mattress was:
    Memory Foam

    Stays "Cool"

    User rated this bed:
    Excellent "Coolness"


    User rated this bed:
    Good Value
    Price paid (approximate):
    $900 (Queen) Size

    Warranty Service

    User rated this bed:
    Excellent Warranty Service

    Softness Level

    User rated this bed:
    Much too hard