What a disaster, dealing with this company. I ordered a King-sized Harmony air mattress. They sent me an "RV"-sized king, which is like a normal queen-sized mattress. Of course I didn't discover the mistake until I had already gotten rid of my dear old Select Comfort, which was 13 years old and ready to be replaced. So I had no bed at all for 2 nights. I'm an older woman with a very bad back, so sleeping on the couch and then struggling to put this thing together myself was AWFUL. After sleeping on it for 5 nights, I find it to be hard and uncomfortable. And the pump is atrocious--the remotes are wired (as opposed to Select Comfort's wireless) and the pump is NOISY as h*ll. Also, they sent me return Fedex label to send the "RV-king" mattress back to them, and told me they'd call FedEx to come pick it up. Well, 6 days later--no Fedex pickup yet. This thing is sitting on my porch. REMEMBER, FOLKS: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Go pay for the Select Comfort mattress and experience. Their beds are more comfortable, their pump is wireless and QUIET, and the experience beats Inno-not-Max from here to eternity. Signed, REGRETS IT

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Poor Back Support

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Poor Pressure Relief

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Much worse Sleep
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Adjustable Air

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Poor "Coolness"


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Fair Value
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Fair Warranty Service

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Much too hard