Amazing thick mattress but still breaking in

The value factor of the Ikea Holmsbu is remarkable -- its 17.5 inches thick with three separate layers of springs plus gel memory foam, all for less than $800. Comparably thick mattresses from other manufacturers cost thousands. It is so thick I did have to buy new fitted sheets which I didn't anticipate, plus I had to buy a new box spring that was shorter because my old one was too tall (I eventually chose the Ikea Espevar base with the short legs because it was shorter and solid pine, to support this very heavy mattress -- plus it is cheaper than other box springs out there, when counting shipping). The mattress is comfortable, however its a bit firm while the top layer of memory foam breaks in. I have had it for about two weeks and its still pretty firm -- in the store the top layer of memory foam is pretty noticeable but on my new bed its still really firm. Also the mattress is so massive that it comes from the factory completely wrapped in a thick, zippered fabric cover with sturdy fabric handles sewn in. This helps to safely lift, move and position the mattress. Basically it's a free mattress protector. I am therefore leaving the mattress zippered up in this bag, at least until I can find another protector to put on top.

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User also said: Comfort, value for the money, thickness and the included fabric, zippered cover.
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User also said: The memory foam top layer is still pretty firm after over two weeks of a breaking-in period.
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Good Back Support

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Good Pressure Relief

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Slightly better Sleep
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Fair "Coolness"


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Excellent Value
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Slightly too hard