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I cannot believe how much better my sleeping habits have become. It's no more waking up during the night, no more strange pains in back or shoulders. The claim that you don't sweat is totally true. The bed is warm, you feel the warmth emanating from the mattress. And it can feel as plain hot when the room temperature is above 23/24 Celsius degrees. So, if you live in a hot climate without the possibility to cool your room, maybe this is not the bed for you. But still, even when it's hot, no sweating occurs. Furthermore, you won't toss and turn anymore. You just lay in one position and fall asleep like that. Whatever position you are in, it feels good. But be aware, it took me about 3 weeks to get used to it, because it's so totally different from other beds. It envelops you more, instead of laying on top of it. You need a different pillow as well for that reason, much thinner. Also, you have to get rid of you old sleeping habits. Because it's comfortable in any position, you have to find out how you sleep best. You could change from a side to a back sleeper. One more thing, this bed needs attention. The first two months you need to turn it every week, after that two weeks, etc. I don't mind, but if you do mind, or have a small bedroom, or if you have to do the turning on your own (or buy two separate mattresses which you can handle on your own, with one topdeck layer), maybe it's better to reconsider buying the Luxuria Hastens bed. So, I am very happy with my bed and wish I would've bought it much earlier.

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  • Natural Materials
  • Pressure Relief
User also said: Never slept better in my life. It's made form all natural materials, without the use of any toxics.
  • Ease of Care
User also said: You have to get used to it, really! It needs attention.
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Back Support

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Excellent Back Support

Pressure Relief

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Excellent Pressure Relief

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Much better Sleep
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Excellent "Coolness"


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Excellent Value
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Not Rated

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Just right