Remembers i slept in a spot, and never rise.

This is about the HR500 PL MATT QUEEN PRIME mattress:: When it was 1st purchased (7-26-2017). This mattress looked nice and slept wonderfully. After about 6 months, i noticed i was sinking. After the 1st year. It stays low and creaks as u lay on it. Being im the only person whos layed on it, i rotated the mattress to use the other side. The other side was like new. Nice and comfortable. Now its been another year. And this side now is exactly as the other side,. Its fallin and can't get up.... i will not look at a memory mattress again. This one has been the worse purchase ive ever made. I only weigh 175 lbs. I dont weigh enough to sink a mattress in one yrs. BLAH. NO MORE.., . Its funny. You look at it, and it looks fine, stable and well put together. But if u sleep on it. You have a restless night. And you wake up with muscle aches and pains. Your always tired and cranky. I think I'll sleep on the couch until i get another mattress..

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User also said: Low price, good if used in a (rarely) used guess room. NOT DAILY USE
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User also said: After the 1st few months. Body pains, restless nights, cant get comfortable.
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Very Poor Back Support

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Poor Pressure Relief

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Don't know Not Rated
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Very Poor "Coolness"


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Very poor Value
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Very poor Warranty Service

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Not Rated