Essentia Breaches Return Policy: Warning to Consumers

As reviewers of mattresses, we wanted to be sure you are aware of the following experience we have been enduring with Essentia Natural Mattress Company.  We are trying our best now to warn consumers about this.  Newly weds in November 2018, my husband and I decided to make one of our first investments in a new mattress. In our attempts to go green, we found out about the Essentia Natural mattress (through CR). We found their local store in Santa Monica, CA and after a couple of hours of comparing their options we purchased their King Size "Classic" mattress. We were given 120 day satisfaction guarantee which gave us comfort for such a large investment. Within a couple of weeks of trying the mattress, we were both constantly reporting to each other that we had significant pain. For me, discomfort on beds wasn't so unusual, but for my husband it was highly unusual. We tried trouble- shooting with different pillows, but with in a few weeks it was obvious to both of us that we were both in significant pain from the mattress. We began the return process and that's when our nightmare also began. It was a month before the required cover arrived to place the mattress in. Another month before the company acknowledged that they received and passed it in their inspection. It has now been another four months and they have avoided and skirted paying us our credit of $3,677.23 (that the company controller agrees they owe) despite being pursued by Bank of America and the CA Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Household Goods and Services . Six months and no sign of our credit. We know what our next step has to be and we are now working on informing the public of their breach of contract and the thievery we have endured. If you are interested in more details (and documentation of the accuracy of this report) you are welcome to email us at: We are currently working on a brief video to provide these details for the public.

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Very Poor Back Support

Pressure Relief

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Poor Pressure Relief

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Much worse Sleep
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Innerspring / Traditional

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Fair "Coolness"


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Very poor Value
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Very poor Warranty Service

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Slightly too soft