like sleeping on a cloud

It is so sad , i hate this mattress because of the off gasing from the memory foam. I had this mattress standing up in a spare bed room for almost 3 years to get rid of the chemical smell. I would try using it but would wake up congested almost sick from the fumes comming off the mattress. Well after 7 years i bought a complete water proof cover. After a week the chemical from the memory foam came through started smelling up the entire bedroom again. I now realize this mattress will never stop off gasing. Like sleeping on a cloud in a chemical factory. Called englander when first bougth they said give it some time,well 7 years later and still same problem. It came with a 15 year non prorated warranty, now they tell me to talk to Great American Furinture store. BS they will not stand behind their products. What a waste.

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User also said: Toxic chemicals breathing. It even satruated my T-shirt. Air purifier set off by the chemicals .
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Good Back Support

Pressure Relief

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Fair Pressure Relief

Sleep Quality

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Much better Sleep
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Innerspring / Traditional

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Very Poor "Coolness"


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Good Value
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Very poor Warranty Service

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Just right