Lumpy, bumpy and NOT worth the money

We thought our old bed was uncomfortable until we got our Easy Rest mattress which, is anything BUT, easy rest. It is lumpy and bumpy. The "heated mattress" was nothing but an electric mattress pad which just added to the discomfort. The massage motor is so noisy we cannot tolerate using it (even with severe hearing loss). We have had a king size bed for 40 years yet, the salesperson talked us into a queen and, a model we did not want because "he didn't have the correct paperwork" for the size and model we wanted. The company has a strict "no return" policy so now we are stuck with a bed we cannot sleep in.

    User also said: Nothing, we cannot sleep on it as it is so uncomfortable.
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    User also said: Everything. Uncomfortable, cannot use the "heated" mattress. The massage motor is too loud to use.
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    Back Support

    User rated this bed:
    Very Poor Back Support

    Pressure Relief

    User rated this bed:
    Very Poor Pressure Relief

    Sleep Quality

    User rated this bed:
    Much worse Sleep
    Previous mattress was:
    Memory Foam

    Stays "Cool"

    User rated this bed:
    Fair "Coolness"


    User rated this bed:
    Very poor Value
    Price paid (approximate):

    Warranty Service

    User rated this bed:
    Very poor Warranty Service

    Softness Level

    User rated this bed:
    Much too soft