1 1/2" inpressions are considered normal by the manufacturer

My wife and I started out with a Dutch Craft memory foam mattress, after one month it had 3/4" impressions that didn't come pop back up even after a whole day of nothing on the mattress. Before we bought it the owner had told us they have an excellent warranty, and I thought he said 100 nights, if we don't like it they would work it out to make us happy. We went back to the store and they said the mattress was defective. They swapped it for a different model same brand, that we thought would be better. It was a inner spring with a pillow top. After three months this mattress also had 3/4" impressions! Went back to the store, the employee told us they only had a 60 day warranty, so we needed to use the manufacture's warranty. Looked up the manufacture's warranty and it says that up to 1 1/2" comfort impressions are normal! So we slept on this mattress for just under a year and now we sleep so bad on it we stopped using and reverted to our old mattress that we kept for guest's to sleep on. Summary, beware Dutch Craft expects their mattresses to get up 1 1/2" impressions, so if you don't like getting stuck in your own impression then look for a different brand.

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Poor Back Support

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Good Pressure Relief

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Much worse Sleep

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Just right