Severely disappointed customer

My Husband thought he was doing us both a favor by buying a cushioned firm mattress Dormeo 230GX king and because of the cost $4008.00 it would be good quality. Nothing has been good about this mattress. We have only had it for 7 months and are both miserable and wake up with painful body aches. There is no memory left on his side and when I lay in it my body dips into the mattress where I can't even move sideways or get out of it. When I explained this to their customer service they asked for pictures. I let her know that it is not visible and her reply was "Sorry but we can't help you at this time" So I wonder how long we have to continue to be miserable before I get any help?

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Back Support

User rated this bed:
Very Poor Back Support

Pressure Relief

User rated this bed:
Very Poor Pressure Relief

Sleep Quality

User rated this bed:
Much worse Sleep
Previous mattress was:
Innerspring / Traditional

Stays "Cool"

User rated this bed:
Very Poor "Coolness"


User rated this bed:
Very poor Value
Price paid (approximate):
$3,600 (King) Size

Warranty Service

User rated this bed:
Very poor Warranty Service

Softness Level

User rated this bed:
Not Rated